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The VNTPay Wallet

Putting you in control of your digital currencies

VNTPay is a digital wallet created by InventoryClub to manage VNT and XLM. You can transfer funds to other wallet users within seconds and without fees. Connect your VNTPay wallet to your InventoryClub account to finance proposals and receive your regular profit payments.

VNTPay app
The Possibilities are endless


Send payments to anyone, anywhere that has a VNTPay account at lightening speed


Store and access your digital currencies from a secure decentralised network


Our in-built decentralised exchange enables you to buy and sell VNT on an open network

Send to Contacts

Pay anyone anywhere with just their VNTPay wallet username

Cross Border

Same fee no matter the amount or the location of the reciever

VNTPay app

Multi Currency

Store your VNT and XLM on your own device and take full control

5-Star Security

Your keys are protected by biometrics and two-factor authentication

Get started with VNT today and unlock a world of possibilities