VNT is an African agribusiness utility token used to power the InventoryClub network. VNT enables token holders to join our Stokvels and participate in P2P business agreements.


Be part of the African
Agribusiness Alternative
Trade Finance Revolution.

VNT makes it possible for anyone across the globe to provide financing to the African agribusiness value chain. VNT holders are able to become members on the InventoryClub platform and join Stokvels.

InventoryClub is focused on deploying funding across the agribusiness value chain in the following verticals: Women in agribusiness, Farming input, Off taking, Energy and Infrastructure, Hemp and Cannabis and Agtech.

VNT is championing the way forward for Direct Crypto Investment (DCI), cross-boarder trade finance and an accounting solution for on the Africa's informal agricultural market. VNT makes it possible to get a true value of Africa's agricultural market as well as engaging and empowering the continents missing middle.

Use Cases

VNT is more than just a crypto asset, it’s a gateway to food security and Africa’s untapped agribusiness opportunities.


VNT enables holders to join InventoryClub Stokvels to support agribusinesses in exchange for royalties and member rewards.

InventoryVault Access

VNT grants the holder access to the InventoryVault blockchain to review historic transactions as well as become a node.

Agribusiness Intelligence

VNT holders are able to gain African agribusiness market insights and business intelligence from grass roots data collection.

P2P Business Agreements

VNT enables members and traders to engage in P2P business agreements for agricultural dropshipping.


VNT holders can use VNT to shop on Agriimarket and access special offers and discounts.


VNT is used as collateral in every royalty financed project keeping the allocated tokens locked for the project duration.

Solving real-world problems
with decentralised digital assets.

VNT is not a better crypto asset than others, it's a different crypto asset because its primary function is to deliver social impact at grassroots level to transform the livelihoods of farmers and participants in agribusiness value chain as well as contribute to food security whilst delivering returns to members. The VNT tokens were created on the Ethereum Blockchain so it benefits from built-in token abilities, smart contracts, decentralized exchanges, enhanced security as well as peer-to-peer tamper proof transactions.


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