InventoryClub VNT


The digital asset built to enable the commodity trade finance revolution

Ventory (VNT) is the native digital asset of the InventoryClub Ecosystem. Purpose built to facilitate the transfer of funds between two parties, our token sets the standard for efficiency and security in the digital age. VNT embodies the transparent, effective and disinflationary nature which makes cryptocurrency the future of payments and money itself.

Use cases

Inventoryclub Payments

Use VNT to purchase proposals from the trade finance marketplace as well as use it to level up to raise or invest more funds

InventoryVault Access

Only VNT holders can access the InventoryVault blockchain to track and trace  assets, transactions and ecosystem performance

Cross-border Payments

Use VNT to reduce the cost of cross-border payments, increase the speed of settlement times and enjoy  enhanced security

Benefits of VNT

Instant payments

Within seconds of pressing send the receiver gets the funds and you get instant confirmation

Zero barriers

No restrictions or barriers to where, when and the amount of VNT you want to send or receive

Lower fees

Send cross-border payments with lower fees than traditional methods regardless of the amount being sent

Network effect

There’s strength in numbers and as the community of users grows so does the impact of VNT

Get started with VNT today and unlock a world of possibilities