Building for The Future

Our technical team are experienced in delivering web and mobile solutions. The team is made up of professionals with expertise across the IT landscape.

Terry Igharoro
Founder and CEO
Terry is experienced in database architecture and development, SQL, systems analysis and design, and business consultancy. He started his first company at 16, and has remained active in business ever since. He is a member of TechUK Distributed Ledger Technology work group.
Daniel Braham
Daniel is an MSc holder with expertise in Real Estate and Investment. He has over 5 years experience coordinating and managing property development projects with a deep understanding of operational excellence, business process development, team coordination and financial planning.
Adedoyin Atunrase
Cyber Security Architect
Doyin is an experienced cyber security architect with over 7 years experience working within the IT sector. He is a certified Network Infrastructure Professional and Secure Infrastructure Specialist working with the likes of Channel 5, Liberty Global, NBC Universal Media and Save the Children UK.
Abed Alzain
Lead Developer
Abed is a creative thinker with a deep understanding of the Stellar blockchain, he is fascinated by the potential of blockchain technologies, +10 years experience in software development, projects management and leadership, he enjoys building high performance and resilient backends.
Ajay Varghese
Product Manager
Ajay has over 18 years of experience in building and delivering IT solutions across different verticals and domains, and holds a Master’s Degree in Computer Science. He is a Mobility expert (having led HP’s Mobility Excellence Centre at the Global Delivery Centre in India) and is a Blockchain enthusiast.
Anshuman Singh
Blockchain and Hybrid App Developer
Anshuman is an application developer building Web, Blockchain and Hybrid mobile applications. He is a technology enthusiast with a knack for solving ‘anything technical’. He works on Angular, Node JS, no-SQL databases, Ionic, Ethereum, Multichain and scalable architecture for Cloud platforms
Vishwas Vogga
Web and Mobile App Developer
Vishwas is a seasoned application developer building Web and Mobile applications. He's expertise are on Angular, no-SQL databases, Ionic and Native Android applications. He holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Electronics and Communications Engineering.

Akash Mahale
Web and Hybrid Mobile App Developer
Akash is an application developer specialised in building Web and Hybrid mobile applications on iOS and Android. He has extensive experience working with Angular and Ionic. Akash holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Engineering.

Abdul Gani
Web and Mobile Developer
Abdul is an experienced application developer building Web and Mobile applications with a primary focus on Angular, no-SQL databases, Ionic and Native Android applications. He's an analytical thinker and technical problem solver.

Shakir Younis
Backend Developer
Shakir has extensive experience in the field of software development, with a strong background in backend technologies such as PHP and Laravel Framework, and a variety of other database technologies.

Wes Emretiyoma
Content Manager
Wes is a passionate marketer with a BA in Business and Marketing. His expertise span online paid advertising, content production and management. Working across various sectors Wes has developed a results driven content mindset.
Nigel Marongere
Research Assistant
Nigel’s background is in Financial Trading and Economics. He has experience in leadership and client-facing roles, and is driven by his mission to build and empower communities with sustainable development activities.