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Get your money working harder for you

Turn your cash into a tireless worker that earns you while you get on with your daily life
InventoryClub choose asset

Choose a Commodity

Search our proposal marketplace for a commodity that gives you the type of return you want in a reasonable timeframe

InventoryClub fund asset

Fund the Commodity

Agree to the terms and purchase the proposal from the merchant that will sell the commodity on your behalf

InventoryClub get ROI

Get Return on Investment

Whenever the merchant makes a sale you receive your initial capital plus your share of the profit

Asset Ownership

When you finance a proposal, you become the owner of the assets in that proposal until sold

Predictable Profits

Every proposal has a time frame so you have a clear idea on when you can expect to get a return

Regular Payouts

No need to wait until the end of the proposal term to get paid because we pay out 14 days after each sale


InventoryVault Blockchain enables you to access every transaction that happens within our ecosystem

Reducing your risk

To keep you safe we never give your funds to the merchants, instead we buy the assets directly from the producers and keep them in storage until sold

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The Trade Finance Opportunity

There is a need for an alternative funding source to fill the gap affecting emerging economies
$1.5 trillion credit finance gap

Overall Credit gap

Over 50% of SMEs in emerging economies are rejected for finance leaving a $1.5 trillion credit gap

$148 billion credit finance gap

Trade finance gap

The unmet demand of $148 billion is affecting SMEs ability to remain sustainable and achieve  growth

$19 billion agricultural finance gap

Agricultural gap

Lack of access to finance is preventing many SMEs in the sector from moving up the agricultural value chain

filling the $16 billion trade finance gap

You can fill the gap

Putting your capital to work can fill the unmet trade finance needs and provide a good return on investment

Join the trade finance revolution and watch your money grow