The future is already here

Purchasing proposals is safe investment with minimal risk in the short and long-term

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Do more with your capital

  • Peace of mind with predictable profit margins and fixed time frames
  • Access merchants from across the Commonwealth eager to give you a ROI
  • Contribute to achievement of UN Sustainable Development Goals

Inventory Ownership

When you purchase a proposal, you're actually purchasing the inventory, which belong to you until sold.

Distribution Warehouse

We keep all inventory within our secure warehouses where the goods are RFID tagged and linked to your IFA.

Regular Payouts

No need to wait until the end of the proposal term to get paid because we payout 14 days after each sale.

Real-Time Transparency

Our InventoryVault blockchain enables you to access every transaction that happens within our ecosystem.

How it Works

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Browse Proposals
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Buy Chosen Proposal
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IFA Generated
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Customer Buys Product
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Receive Profit Share


No, you do not need to be a resident within a Commonwealth nation a Member. Individuals who live outside the Commonwealth can become Members within our ecosystem and begin purchasing proposals.
Yes, Members can come together and form groups, known as cartels and purchasing proposals together. This enables Members to access more profitable proposals from higher ranking Merchants.
As soon as the first item of Inventory purchased under your Inventory Finance Agreement (IFA) is sold, you will begin to receive payments; a portion of your principle plus your share of the profits. The expected amount and time-frame will be stated on the proposal and then the IFA.