InventoryVault Blockchain

The InventoryVault Blockchain

Building the backbone for asset management, digital identity, collaboration, trust and transparency

InventoryVault is at the core of InventoryClub’s operations. It was built so that people and companies could easily access timely information about the performance of InventoryClub, trace the provenance of any given asset, verify the activities of merchants and members to be able to make informed decisions about how they interact with the InventoryClub platform and its users.

Serving as a single source of truth, InventoryVault permanently records every transaction as it happens across the trade finance platform, the asset and warehouse management platform and the b2b commodities marketplace. It enables all of our platforms to access relevant views of the same data and make realtime updates.

InventoryVault is a permissioned blockchain meaning only holders of InventoryClub’s VNT tokens are able to access the InventoryVault blockchain.

InventoryVault Blockchain

Benefits of InventoryVault

Source of Truth

Error-proof and tamper-proof enforcement of business rules to represent the absolute state of InventoryClub’s data


View the activity of any digital identity issued on InventoryVault. Gain access to useful insights, track performance and asset provenance


Once data is input into a blockchain it is there forever. It cannot be removed or altered so any amendment made to a record is preserved in order

Smart Contracts

Our self-executing contracts guarantee accurate and transparent outcomes once the terms and conditions of the underlying code have been met

Access insights, asset traceability, smart contracts and more