how InventoryClub works

Our Inclusive Impact Model

The existing trade finance model is broken so we built a new one

P2P Trade Finance

Connecting merchants with members that can provide the finance to enable digital trade for commodities

Asset Management

Managing the end-to-end logistics of commodity assets and providing full provenance

B2B Marketplace

An alternative online marketplace where merchants can sell physical commodities to global buyers


Providing a single source of truth recording all transactions happening within the InventoryClub platform

How it works

Merchant Submits Proposal

A merchant submits a proposal to the trade finance marketplace detailing the commodities they would like to sell. The proposal consists of the purchase and retail price, the merchant and member profit as well as the sales time frame

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finance proposal

Member Buys Proposal

Members browse the trade finance marketplace searching for proposals that offer the right return on capital in a suitable time frame. Once a suitable proposal is found members can purchase the proposal. The commodities from the agreement are placed on the merchants store on ComodX, our B2B commodity marketplace

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Merchant Sells to Customer

All merchants that have been financed via InventoryClub have their own store on ComodX. A merchants shares their store with a vendor who purchases the desired commodities from the store, makes a payment through the platform and we ship the order to the vendor

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profit share

Get Return on Investment

When a sale happens on ComodX the member and merchant gets notified of the sale. For each item sold the member receives a payment consisting of the purchase price plus their share of the profit and the merchant is paid their share of the profit