Decentralized Agricultural Co-operatives (DAC) are member-owned agricultural co-operatives (CoOPs) enabling members to work as a collective to pull resources together to conduct a variety of activities within the agricultural value chain. CoOP ownership is based on the number of units held by any one member and each member gets one vote in any poll. The CoOP units are non-fungible and non-transferable. At the end of each year members can vote how they would like the returns to be split. Each member gets one vote, and our smart contracts execute when specific criteria are met.

InventoryClub will be opening 6 CoOPs for its members, who can join any number of these co-operatives using their VNT tokens, funds and resources are deployed through our partners to the benefactors to carry out their agribusiness activities. Agribusinesses across the African continent can join the CoOPs and submit project proposals to be financed. Projects that meet the vetting criteria are financed by the CoOP and members can track the projects progress. CoOP members that shop on AgriiMarket receive rewards based on the amount they spend and the amount of CoOP units held.

farming input unit
Farming Input CoOP

provides access to quality inputs such as seeds and fertiliser as well as machinery and extension services.

off-taker unit
Off Taker CoOP

aggregates crop from small holder farmers, cleans, grades and some- times processes the crop then resells to the market.

agribusiness women unit
Women Agribusiness CoOP

provides access to patient capital to enable women working across agricultural value chain to start and grow their businesses.

energy & infrastructure unit
Energy & Infrastructure CoOP

provides rural farming communities with access to micro processing hubs powered renewable energy.

agtech unit
AgTech CoOP

provides access to patient capital for innovative agricultural technology companies to start and grow their businesses.

hamp and cannabis unit
Hemp & Cannabis CoOP

provides access to patient capital for agribusinesses engaging in hemp & cannabis value chain.

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