Re-Inventing Trade Finance

Mobilising 10 Million Commonwealth Merchants to Start Selling Online Funded By A Global Membership Backers

A peer-to-peer trade finance ecosystem where Members (buyers) can buy products for Commonwealth Merchants (sellers) to sell on their behalf to make a profit

How does InventoryClub work?

Buy VNT Tokens

The proposals marketplace is powered by our Ventory (VNT) token. VNT is the crytocurrency used to control the flow of funds in and out of the InventoryClub marketplace. VNT enables members to transact in the InventoryClub marketplace.

A merchant in Nigeria submits a product proposal to the InventoryClub marketplace detailing the products they would like to sell. The proposal consists of the purchase and retail price, the merchant and member profit as well as the sales time frame.

Members Buy Proposals

Members browse the marketplace searching for proposals that offer the right return on capital in a suitable time frame. Once a suitable proposal is found members can purchase the proposal using their VNT tokens. The products from the agreement are placed on the merchants store on Commwea, our consumer marketplace.

An Inventory Finance Agreement (IFA) is created between the member and merchant with details of the purchase price, retail price, merchant profit, member profit and sales time frame. The IFA is a smart contract enforcing the conditions of the agreement.

Get Return on Capital

When a sale happens on Commwea we ship the product to the customer. The member and merchant gets notified of the sale. For each item sold the member receives a payment consisting of the purchase price plus their share of the profit and the merchant is paid their share of the profit.

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