Tackling The Trillion Dollar Commonwealth Market

By 2020 intra-trade amongst Commonwealth Nations will exceed $1 trillion so we're building the world's first peer-to-peer inventory finance marketplace to connect Commonwealth merchants with a global membership of financial backers.

We can only accept merchants from the Commonwealth

The Problem

Several problems that challenge the growth and prosperity of Commonwealth digital trade.

Financial Resources

Lack of financial resources make it difficult for merchants to access stock at volume for discount prices to build their online store.

Access to Finance

Difficulty getting finance from traditional lenders as a start-up or SME business hoping to grow a successful online store.

Existing Assets

Asset based lending (ABL) is only available to organisations with existing assets such as machinery, accounts receivable and inventory.

Foreign Capital

Few linkages with foreign capital and expertise to include developing countries in the global marketplace via the Internet.

Local Infrastructure

Lack of local infrastructure in emerging economies make it difficult for merchants to get online, enter the market and compete globally.

Marketing & Business Development

Cash tied up in inventory means merchants lack sufficient funds to invest into marketing and business development.

The Commonwealth Opportunity

The Commonwealth is a distributed market made up of 52 Independent Nations

The Commonwealth Factor

The Commonwealth Factor makes it on average 19% cheaper to do business between Commonwealth countries thanks to similar legal structures and cultural similarities.

U$14 Trillion

The Commonwealth includes some of the worlds largest, smallest, richest and poorest countries spanning five regions, with a combined GDP estimated to reach U$14 trillion by 2020.

1 Billion Consumers

The Commonwealth is adding to its middleclass faster than any other grouping. By 2020 the Commonwealth will contain over 1 billion middleclass consumers.

Enabling Digital Trade Across The Commonwealth

A micro financing ecosystem to facilitate the sustainable development of Commonwealth Nations

Why the Commonwealth?

The current global economic climate makes this a good time to take a fresh look at the Commonwealth nations and their emerging markets. $73 billion is the approx. annual investment potential from the Diaspora into Commonwealth countries and we're building the ecosystem to facilitate transparent trade and secure investment.

Merchants sell inventory proposals on the proposal marketplace to members that want to provide financial backing in exchange for a share of the profit as well as their initial capital.
Goods are purchased on behalf of the member and merchant and are stored in our secure smart warehouse until the product is sold on our consumer e-commerce marketplace.
The products from the proposal are placed on the merchants store on our consumer marketplace. When a product is sold we deliver to the customer and pay the member and merchant.

How VNT Tokens Are Used on The Platform

The proposals marketplace is powered by our Ventory (VNT) token. VNT is the currency used to control the flow of funds in and out of the InventoryClub marketplace. The VNT tokens are built on the Stellar Network so it benefits from built-in token abilities, built-in decentralized exchange, enhanced security as well as cheaper and faster transactions. VNT can also be used on the Commwea marketplace as a form of payment from consumers purchasing products from merchant stores.

VNT grants the holder access to the InventoryVault, where the user can download the InventoryVault blockchain, become a node to participate in the round robin consensus protocol and review historic transactions.


Read our whitepaper to learn more about the InventoryClub ecosystem.


Key Benefits

Here are a few key benefits for merchants and members


  • Freedom to source preferred inventory items
  • More cash flow available for business development
  • Time and money saved on order fulfillment
  • Bulk buying discount
  • Can determine own profit margin
  • Real time information of inventory location
  • Exclusive store on secondary global consumer marketplace
  • Lower barriers to becoming a global online merchant


  • Can buy proposals from marketplace
  • Inventory tagged and secured in smart warehouse
  • Predictable profit margins
  • Can create or join a member cartel to buy as a group
  • Notification whenever a sale of inventory item takes place
  • Real time information of inventory location
  • Inventory is the property of the member
  • Opportunity to build financial stability

Meet Our Team

Terry Igharoro

Founder and CEO

Terry is experienced in database architecture and development, SQL, systems analysis and design, and business consultancy. He started his first company at 16, and has remained active in business ever since. He is a member of TechUK Distributed Ledger Technology work group.

Daniel Braham


Daniel is an MSc holder with expertise in Real Estate and Investment. He has over 5 years experience coordinating and managing property development projects with a deep understanding of operational excellence, business process development, team coordination and financial planning.

Yemi Samuel

Project Manager

Yemi’s experience in project management has assisted organisations such as Deliotte and Pearson PLC to achieve project success through her utilization of global coordination, programme planning, reporting, stakeholder communications, strategic planning and resource management.

Abed Alzain

Full Stack Developer

Abed is a software engineer with over 10 years experience developing web and mobile applications. He is a creative thinker with a deep understanding of app development practices, PHP, MySQL, SQL, API’s, Java, NodeJS, JQuery,Lavarel, project management and leadership.

Wes Emretiyoma

Content Manager

Wes is a passionate marketer with a BA in Business and Marketing. His expertise span online paid advertising, content production and management. Working across various sectors Wes has developed a results driven content mindset.

Nigel Marongere

Community Builder

Nigel’s background is in Financial Trading and Economics. He has experience in leadership and client-facing roles, and is driven by his mission to build and empower communities with sustainable development activities.

Our Advisors

Genevieve Leveille

Blockchain Enthusiast / Founder AgriLedger

Genevieve brings with her over 20 years of executive level financial experience to the team working with the likes of RBS, General Electric, HP and The Chase Manhattan Bank. She is a blockchain and fintech enthusiast with expertise spanning product & solutions delivery, product technology, business processes and operations.

Toby Lewis

Founder & CEO Novum Insights

Toby is a highly energetic serial entrepreneur and prolific analyst, straddling the words of ICOs, technology startups, venture capital and data science. He has written regularly for Wall Street Journal and spoken at international technology conferences such as the World Economic Forum, Blockchain Week and Global Technology Symposium.

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