Alternative Trade Finance for African Agribusiness

Where the banks and financial institutions have failed the agribusiness sector we believe the people will succeed.

Why InventoryClub?

We believe patient capital deployed from within Africa and her Diaspora through our stokvels, a type of rotating savings and credit association (ROSCA) will play a key role in transforming Africa's agribusiness sector into a global giant.

Smallholder Farmers

Sub-Saharan Africa has over 100 million small farms employing approx. 70% of the population.

Food Wastage

The lack of storage facilities means approx. 30% of produce is lost due to post-harvest handling.

Trade Finance Gap

The $19 billion agricultural trade finance gap is challenging Africa's ability to achieve food security.

Revolutionizing Stokvels

Unlock the power of your savings with one of our agricultural stokvels. Easily track and manage your finances and save money with the convenience of online access. Join a community of savers and borrowers who empower each other to reach financial goals.

  • Easily access and manage accounts online
  • Flexible contributions that suite you
  • Earn annual royalties on savings
  • Access to agricultural opportunities

Streamlining Financial Management

Maximize your savings and reach your financial goals with agricultural stokvels. Our portfolio management strategies seamlessly integrate innovative tools to provide you with a secure and efficient way to manage your finances and grow your wealth like never before.

  • Access real-time portfolio monitoring
  • Increased transparency & accountabilty
  • Access to research and market insights
  • Easy access to stokvel project information

Empowering Communities

Empower communities with a modern twist on traditional group saving. Easily save and provide royalty finance to one of Africa’s most important industries to build financial stability and create economic opportunities for all.

  • Creating an enabling environment
  • Supporting SME agribusinesses
  • Future proofing African agriculture
  • Improving financial inclusion

Sub-Saharan African Agriculture At A Glance

Sub-Saharn African agriculture plays a major role in the stabilisation of the African economy and global food security


Smallholder Farmers


Population Employed


African GDP


Post-harvest Losses

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